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Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Deciding to do a First Look at French's Point | Cuppa Photography
Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Real French’s Point Wedding: Sam and Jason

By On September 12, 2016

Sam and Jason chose to get married in Maine here at French’s Point, and we’re so glad they did! They chose the overlook patio at the Beach Rose Farm for their ceremony,… Read More

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Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Greet Your Guests with a Warm Maine Welcome

By On September 9, 2015

Show your guests you’re thrilled to have them at French’s Point to make your special day unforgettable – greet them with a special collection of quintessentially Maine provisions. Start with a small yet sturdy L.L.Bean… Read More

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Your 3-Day Stay at French’s Point

By On August 28, 2015

Wedding celebrations at French’s Point have the combined feel of a family vacation and a reunion with friends with that extra icing on the cake – a wedding! Our couples choose us… Read More

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Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Jenny & Logan’s French’s Point Wedding Video

By On May 28, 2015

Nadra Photography Jenny & Logan fell in love on Mt. Katahdin, and were married at French’s Point surrounded by everyone they held dear in their lives. The wedding colors, rich reds and… Read More

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Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Flower of the Month: Ranunculus

By On January 13, 2015

Emily Blake Photography Ranunculus come in a variety of different shades, making them the perfect flower for any time of year. However, since they are in season in January, we are particularly… Read More

Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Flower of the Month: Craspedia Billy Balls

By On October 9, 2014

Cherry Time Craspedia Billy Balls, those little round flowers you often see in Fall bouquets, are native to Australia and New Zealand, where they grow naturally in a variety of habitats. We… Read More

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Coastal Wedding Inspiration

French’s Point Wedding Inspiration: Black Tie

By On September 18, 2014

Michelle Turner Photography While French’s Point is the perfect destination for weddings of all styles from rustic to modern, to Gatsby and beyond, we think the beautiful oceanfront tent and classic ballroom in the… Read More

Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Trend: Ombre Wedding Dress

By On August 18, 2014

Emm and Clau Photography Having been in the wedding business for over a decade now, we’ve seen many different styles of wedding dresses pass through our grounds. From tea length to pink to… Read More

Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Orchid Wedding Inspiration

By On August 5, 2014

This Girl Nicole Photography If there’s one flower that always brings a smile to our face, it would be the Orchid. We think the Orchid and French’s Point actually have a lot in… Read More

Coastal Wedding Inspiration

French’s Point Coastal Wedding Inspiration: Radiant Orchid

By On July 15, 2014

Wedding Bee Chances are, if you’re having a wedding at French’s Point your wedding color pallet could be inspired by the true beauty of our venue. From the blues and greens of the French’s… Read More