CEO Corner : Jessika Brooks on Setting a Wedding Budget

Setting a wedding budget may not be the most romantic part of the big day, but it’s an essential component of the planning process. Couples who come to us are curious about the ocean views and immaculate grounds, but they also want to learn about costs and the bottom line.

We know how overwhelming all those wedding packages out there can be…(my fireman husband suggests it is much like taking a drink from a fire hose), with the many different structures and fees and the variety of venues available making it very hard to process. A great deal of effort must be made to make an apples-to-apples to comparison. I liken it more to apples, oranges, lemons, and an occasional pomegranate. In awareness of this reality, we try to keep things simple. Rather than confuse clients with numerous fees, we pride ourselves on providing an honest, complete estimate right up front. You won’t see any cake-cutting fees here… or our favorite we have seen to date, the “Incidental Fee.”

The figures and details above are just a jumping off point in your planning process for your French’s Point Wedding. Numbers are one thing – making them work with each couple’s dream for their event is quite another.

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Jessika Brooks Brewer

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